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Pursuing the truth can be a dangerous game. #mystery

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When twins Alex and Donna set up Eye Spy Investigations, they soon discover that pursuing the truth can be a dangerous game.

Eye Spy

by Tessa Buckley

Genre/Keyword(s): Mystery, Children's, Contemporary, Detective,



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Over the course of ten days, the lives of thirteen-year-old Alex Macintyre and his twin sister Donna will change forever

When Alex and Donna set up Eye Spy Investigations and start looking for a valuable missing dog, they soon have an interesting assortment of suspects. There’s the mysterious man in the fur hat; a gang of bikers who hang out at the Starship CafĂ©; and Crazy Kath, the bag lady, who may know more than she’s letting on.

But as they struggle to make sense of the evidence, the twins begin to uncover an even bigger mystery in their own family. As events spiral out of control, can Alex resolve a family crisis, save Donna from imminent danger, and return the missing dog to its rightful owner?


"The promenade, when I reached it, was deserted. There was a high tide, and huge waves were crashing against the base of the sea wall. Showers of spray came over the railings on my right and hit me in the face. Now I was angry with Donna as well as with Kath. Why did she have to choose a night like this to go missing?

When I reached the square in front of the pier-head I paused, searching for a figure that might be Kath. Many of the street lamps in the square had been vandalised, and it was difficult to see anything clearly in the murky light. She had to be there somewhere. I began to run towards the pier, splashing through giant puddles as I went. Maybe she’d taken shelter in the old observatory. As I drew level with the Portakabin where we’d heard the dog on Sunday, I saw a light shining inside. A second later the door swung open and a tall figure came out, almost cannoning into me. I turned to run off, but he was quicker. He grabbed my arm and swung me round to face him. I saw recognition in his eyes. “You!” he roared. “I want word with you!” "

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