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Never-meant-to-be love and body breaking revenge. @stalkinghipsy #romance #erotica

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Hardcore smut meets emotional depth in this sometimes comical, sometimes heart-wrenching tale of never-meant-to-be love and body breaking revenge!

She Let Herself Go

She Let Herself

by Hipsy Bohannon

Genre/Keyword(s): Romance, Dark, Erotic, Women's Fiction, Brutal, Intense, Crime




Are you sick and tired of reading the same old book over and over and over again? Do you crave characters you can relate to and a storyline you can believe in? Whether you’ve had to deal with a cheating partner or a pain-in-the ass ex, custody battles or bills being past due,

She Let Herself Go is the story for you. When every which way you turn, life is beating you down, you might find yourself dreaming of being anyone who isn’t you and one wild night that might make you forget about it all. That’s exactly what Elizabeth Lane finds herself fantasizing about.

What she never could have imagined in a million years though was finding herself on the bad side of town, a place where women are nothing more than objects to be claimed, then used and abused. What was supposed to be a fun escape from her humdrum life instead turns into something out of her worst nightmare. Just when she thinks all hope might be lost, a man that she never imagined could exist steps into the mix, an elusive stranger who seems just as beaten down by life as she is.

Jezze Jamez is a sexy backwoods rough-neck with a checkered past and a questionable future and at the worst moment in her life, appears to be Elizabeth’s only way out of the mess she has found herself in. One heart-racing moment soon thrusts their two turbulent lives together. Can they save one another in the long-run or will their sordid love affair end up burning them both to the ground? 


“!” He let the seconds pass between his words, making the question sound mocking like there was no right answer for her to give.

“I don’t know, I just wanted to see you!” she said, not knowing any other reason, hell, she hadn’t known that one till he pushed her into it.

“Yeah, you wanted to see me alright. You came all the way down here, to the shit end of town just to get you some, didn’t you? You wanted a piece, so you figured this is where you'd come. That’s all I’m good for, ain’t it? Scratchin’ itches, making you forget all about your shitty little life. Ol’ Jezze James is always good for that, ain’t he?! All you bitches are the same, always lookin’ out for your own selfish needs, always taking what you want and never seeing you’re just as bad as all those assholes ya’ll are runnin’ from. You take, and you take, and you take! Well, who the fuck am I supposed to take it from? Who am I supposed to use and throw away when I’m done? You tell me, Izzy, you tell me who! You tell me that ain’t why you’re down here!”

 His tone was so condescending, so angry, that it hurt her ears to hear it. This was going bad, very, very bad. She should never have come here.

“No, that’s not it at all. I didn’t come here for that, I swear I didn’t!” He laughed, a sick laugh, and swallowed hard from his bottle before slamming it on the counter, making her jerk in her skin.

“That’s too bad, because that’s exactly what you’re gonna get, Elizabeth.”

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