Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July's Cover Wars: Honorable Mentions

July's Cover Wars
Honorable Mentions

An Eye For An Eye For An Eye

by Marc Nash

Twitter: @21stCscribe

Celestial Blue Skies

by Maggie Collins

Twitter: @mcollins28

Cop On Her Doorstep

by Karen Docter

Twitter: @KarenDocter

Dark One Rising

by Leandra Martin

Twitter: @LeandraMartin

Dark Pursuit

by Jennifer Chase

Twitter: @JChaseNovelist

Dirty Little Secret

by Willow Sanders

Twitter: @willow_writing

Eternal Curse

by Toi Thomas

Twitter: @toithomas

Finish Line

by James Ross

Twitter: @jamesRossBooks


by Masquerade Publishing

Twitter: @MasqPub

Homeowner With a Gun

by Samuel Hawley

Twitter: @samuelhawley1


by Marla Madison

Twitter: @MarlaAMadison

Imprinted: The Beginning

by McKayla Schutt

Twitter: @McKaylaSchutt

Lifetime Loser

by James Ross

Twitter: @jamesRossBooks

Lioness of Kell

by Paul E. Horsman

Twitter: @Graylorne

Opur's Blade

by James Ross

Twitter: @jamesRossBooks and @golfnovels

Pabby's Score

by James Ross

Twitter: @jamesRossBooks and @golfnovels

Peace, Love, & Romance

by Jennifer Theriot, Diane Rinella, Christine Ardigo, Robyn Roze, Dee Ernst, Aubree Lane, Kelly Cozzone, Jill Cox Vogt, Rebecca Warner, Nan Reinhardt

Twitter: @PLRAuthors

Shari's Shot

by James Ross

Twitter: @jamesRossBooks and @golfnovels


by Lori Kay

Twitter: @mzlks

The Arrangement

by Jacqueline Campos

Twitter: N/A

The Call of Agon

by Dean F. Wilson

Twitter: @DeanFWilson

The Wren

by Kristy McCaffrey

Twitter: @McCaffreyKristy

Time After Time

by Marc Nash

Twitter: @21stCscribe

Tuey's Course

by James Ross

Twitter: @jamesRossBooks

Two Moons of Sera

by Pavarti K Tyler

Twitter: @PavartiKTyler

Whispers of the Dead

by CL Roberts-Huth

Twitter: @clrhuth

You Are My Sunshine

by Roberta Kagan

Twitter: @roberta kagan

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