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"Very imaginative" The Light of Kerrindryr by @HAntheDavis #fantasy #review

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The Light of Kerrindryr
The War of Memory Cycle Book 1

Written by H. Anthe Davis

Genre(s): Fantasy, Epic

Redemption through Service.

Purification through Sacrifice.

These are the tenets of the Imperial Light, and Cob follows them devoutly despite being enslaved for his father's treason. Now, raised as a soldier and betrayed by a friend, he has been driven from the Imperial Army into the heretic-riddled lands he helped to conquer.

In this strange realm, he finds that Light and Dark are not as simple as they seemed, and though he considers everyone around him an enemy, to them he is a prize--the unwitting carrier of a secret that every faction in the warring world wants.

The Army would do anything to get it back except kill him.

His treacherous friend has no such qualms.

Jann's Review

Have you ever felt really strongly about something only to find out it was not that way at all? This was an interesting book - somewhat unique in it's plot lines leading you first one way and then another.

The story moves from one person's perspective to another's and then another's and, while you must pay attention, it's not that difficult to follow.

The characters are well written and go though thought processes to lead them to re-evaluate what they blindly believed before. Cob is a young man who thinks he knows what's what, but discovers he's been lied to numerous times, even as small child.

There is much magic moving in and around Cob and the people he meets after being told to 'Run'. Who IS Darilan, really? And Lark? She starts out as a strong character, but at the conclusion of this book seems to just be there...unless that's the way she is perceived by the dying 'monster'. Will she break out in the next book? And Sarovy has to have a bigger part in a future book just because he's a curious character I'd like to know better.

Very imaginative storyline and the writing is descriptive and portrays the world of the characters well. There is very little sexual content but there is some innuendo.

I enjoyed the book, meting it out over a week or so. I will most likely read the next one so I can see if Lark gets more of a part and if my presumption of her importance to Cob is as well-founded as I think it is.

I give the book 3-1/2-rounded-up-to-4 stars for anticipation for future writings.

Disclaimer: Book provided by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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