Monday, May 25, 2015

The top 12 covers from the first round of May's Cover Wars.

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Round Two

You may vote for as many as 5 covers each day. 
Don't let your favorite covers get voted off the "island."

The final round will be held the first week of June. (Or thereabouts)

To see which books got voted off the "island," click here.

A Neophyte's Tale

by CK Dawn

Twitter: @CloakedCKDawn

All My Love, Detrick

by Roberta Kagan

Twitter: @robertakagan

Beautifully Broken

by Sherry Soule

Twitter: @SherrySoule

Come Dancing

by Leslie Wells



by Dean F. Wilson

Twitter: @deanfwilson

Love Burns

by Babette James

Twitter: @BabetteJames

Sarai's Fortune

by Abigail Owen

Twitter: @AOwenBooks

Skeleton Lake

by Angela Kulig

Twitter: @angelakulig

Storm Portal

by Michael R. Stern

Twitter: @sternmike52

The Revenant

by Elise Abram

Twitter: @eliseabram

Three Little Water Spirits

by Dana Kohut


Welcome to Effington

by H.D. Hart

Twitter: @darkhollowsprs

for as many as 5 covers
Yes, 5 Each Day

Don't let your favorite covers get voted off the "island."

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