Friday, May 29, 2015

Break a leg. It's showtime. Caesar's Not Here by Alex Johnston #free #historical

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Caesar's Not Here

The Inauguration of Pompey's Theater 

Marcus Mettius Series 

Book 5

Written by Alex Johnston

Genre(s): Ancient Rome, Historical Fiction

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Well, it looks as if Marcus Mettius’ hobnobbing with the Roman elite has finally paid off. After receiving a coveted invitation to the lavish opening of Pompey’s Theater, he was looking forward to attending, along with his date, the beautiful tavern maid, Portia.

The first venue of its kind, Pompey’s Theater was like nothing ever seen before in Rome. For one thing, there were no plans being made to tear it down right after the performances were over, as had previously been the case with Rome’s theaters. Plus, it had a temple to Venus attached, as well as a shopping and dining area. A real entertainment complex!

Pompey had spared no expense in the construction of his magnificent theater. And same goes for the inauguration celebrations. Plays, wild beast hunts, games, he was going to make sure that Rome remembered and glorified his name for all time to come. But don’t worry about him spreading himself too thin – he’s got plenty.

Marcus and his friends did indeed partake of the good life during the celebration. Great food, celebrated actors, and pomp and glory in spades. Not to mention hanging with the purple-stripe crowd. But Marcus wouldn’t be Marcus if he didn’t find himself embroiled in some unexpected and unscheduled amusements. Otherwise, what would the fates do for grins and giggles?

So sit back, relax, and join Marcus in the thrilling fifth dramatization of his life, Caesar’s Not Here! And break a leg! It’s showtime!

Author Bio

Alex Johnston

I am the author of several fiction books about Marcus Mettius, a minor character in Julius Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic War. Marcus brings a salesman's amused and worldly perspective to the major characters, locales, and events of the late Roman Republic period. I think he's a hoot, and I hope that you will as well! The Marcus Mettius titles are Caesar's Ambassador,Caesar's Emissary, Caesar's Daughter, a compilation of those three stories, and Caesar's Lictor.

Marcus likes a good joke and prefers wits to weapons in dealing with tricky situations. He parties with Gauls and Alexandrians, hangs out with slaves and freedmen, and counts Julius Caesar among his friends.

Along with my Marcus Mettius series, I also wrote a short book on investing - the Millionaire Wage Slave. I like to think that Marcus would have enjoyed reading it, but, alas, I shall never know.

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