Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Authors, submit your book for review.

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Anytime we put a call out for books to review, the picture to the right is a good representation of what happens. We get it. There are lots of books out there, and we reach a lot of authors. The problem is that it takes a lot of work to process that many books. We've been doing this since 2011, and since DeeJay joined the team in 2012, the review crew has grown tremendously.

DeeJay and I both agree that it is time for a change.

So, we've rebranded our review crew. It's mostly DeeJay's brainchild. I simply help out where I can.

Anyway, she's created the Masquerade Mob. That's what our review crew is going to be called from now on. Though their main activity will be reviewing books, their function will expand in other ways to help authors promote their books.

Anyway, back to the problem with book reviews.

Processing books as we've done in the past just won't work anymore. For the main site, as well as for DeeJay's Masquerade Book Tours, being compensated for the immense amount of work of processing book review requests is something that's been on our radar for a while.

But we don't want to be a pay-to-play operation either.

So, here's how it's going to work.

Book review requests will always be open. That's never been the case before, but it seems like a good trade off for charging to be on the list.

However, there will be a FREE listing that is also always open. But I want to state very clearly that we will not do anything to highlight the free books. Mobsters (review crew members) will know the books are there and may browse the list at anytime.

The books we will highlight both on this site, as well via emails to the Mob, will come in two paid tiers: $10 and $25.

For a few more details about how the system will work as well as to sign up to be on the list, see this page.

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