Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Queen of Hearts has gone mad. Heart of Wonderland by @KristinaGarlick #fantasy

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Heart of Wonderland

Fairy Tale Trilogy

Written by Kristina Garlick

Genre(s): science fiction, fairy tales, fantasy



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Wonderland Revolts! 

The Queen of Hearts has gone mad. To simply put it, she has chopped off just one too many heads. As punishment, she has been locked up in the royal asylum and her daughter has been exiled. Now, Alice is in charge of Wonderland. But what if, the Queen wasn't as crazy as everyone thought? What if, she held a deep, dark secret and time was running out?

And what if, the exiled princess was the world's only hope? Would Princess Have Heart be able to rise to the occasion? Or would she fail and there would be no more fairy tales?

Read the first book in this unique fairy tale trilogy!

An excerpt from

Heart of Wonderland

Author Bio

Kristina Garlick

Hello. My name is Kristina Garlick. I am an amateur writer whose pursing my goal to become a successful published author. I began writing books when I was ten. I had my first book published when I was fourteen years old. I currently have four books published, (two of them self published), all which can be found in my store.

I have several other books that I have written, which I hope to have published in the next couple of months; these books will become available in my store. Recently, I placed ninth in an international writing contest for the story, Heart of Wonderland.

I have a passion for writing and photography, which is why I'm pursing my goal to become a successful published author to share my life experiences with the masses. As for photography, I try to capture the beauty of the moments I often write about.

Speaking of writing, I mainly write fantasy/fiction novels. Most of my stories involve some sort of life lesson or self empowerment tale, which I hope allows the reader to connect even further with the characters.

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