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"It feels very real" Marionette by @50YearProject #comingofage #review

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Written by T. B. Markinson

Genre(s): Coming of Age, Lesbian Romance

At the age of seventeen, Paige Alexander had it all planned. She wrote a letter, sat in the bath, and slit her wrists. Her plan failed.

Her best friend, Alex, is dead.

Paige can’t get over her twin sister blaming her for a tragic event in their past.

Colorado is in the midst of voting on lesbian and gay rights and Paige is terrified to come out of the closet, fearful for her life.

Many people in Paige’s life are keeping secrets from her. Will she piece everything together before it’s too late?

In this gripping first-person narrative, a young college student grapples with more than first loves or coming of age. In a world filled with homophobia, suicidal feelings, and a dysfunctional family, Paige cuts her wrists in an attempt to free herself from the crazy life that’s all she’s ever known.

Could there be new lessons in store for Paige? With the help of her girlfriend, friends, and a compassionate therapist, can Paige find the safe space she needs to heal, grow, and cut her strings? 

Walki's Review

After a suicide attempt, seventeen-year-old Paige promises her girlfriend Jessica to see a therapist for at least a year at college. While Jessica -a few years older- is an "out and proud" lesbian, Paige is "in the closet". Liddy is a perceptive and friendly therapist who always does her best for her patients. Paige is from a rich, but dysfunctional, family. She feels guilty for the death of her best friend Alex a few years ago. Colorado is getting ready to vote about lesbian and gay rights.

Written with the dark humour expected, 'Marionette' is a lesbian novel for young adults. It is Paige's story and as she is the narrator, it follows the ups and downs of her moods, her trains of thoughts, her fears and her determination. There is more than her friends know in her suicide attempt.

I enjoyed the comfort of Paige's relationship with Jessica and the cosiness sometimes chaotic of her friendships with Mel and Julia. Paige has actually more friends that she thinks, she just have to let them in. Her roommate Karen is determined. But Paige is so afraid of her parents finding out about her sexuality and locking her up in a mental institution, that she hides and even pretends to be straight by going on dates with Tom -unknowing of this boy's own secret.

I like the mixture of light humour and despair. It feels very real, and even so a reader, you can't wait for Paige to reach the age of eighteen and be free from her past. The ending is sudden and unexpected, but still believable. Maybe it is true that college is a life-changing experience. Whatever it is, Paige grows and learns between the first and last pages of 'Marionette' and it makes the readers feel warm and wiser.

Disclaimer: Book provided by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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