Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Entertainment and Educational Fun Combined" Rainbow in the Sky by @TheShellies #childrens

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Rainbow in the Sky

The Shellies

Written by ian r kaye

Genre(s): children's fiction



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Once upon a tide on the bay, Rainbow and Poet met Splash, a seal. The adventure tells how the merry bunch help Splash find his friends.Along the way a glider is designed and built, Rainbow is taught how to fly it, Crabby falls into the sea and Barnacle shouts out more of his 'old sea customs.'

Waves of fun with a splash of humour await.

An excerpt from

Rainbow in the Sky

Here's what a

Fan said

Entertainment and Educational Fun Combined!

I started looking for a children's book for my niece and somehow stumbled upon this book "Rainbow in the Sky". I always pride myself on giving educational and entertaining gifts to children and this book afforded me the opportunity to do just that and more. It offers project ideas for kids as well as a wealth of knowledge infused into entertainment. Bravo!

Author Bio

ian r kaye

From teaching law in colleges to strolling along the shore and creating the fun,fictional characters which appear in 'The Shellies' books may appear strange, but the journey has been an absolute hoot.

Along the way I have met many wonderful people and have trodden along paths which I never thought I would have ventured (such as writing the lyrics for The Shellie's music).

The one thing that still makes me chuckle is; 'when I am on the beach and my mobile phone rings I can honestly tell the caller that I am busy working.'

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