Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Cover Wars Part Three

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Part Three
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The Naive Guys

by Harry Patz, Jr.

Twitter: @thenaiveguys

The Place of Voices

by Lauren Lynch

Twitter: @LaurenRLynch

The Reclaiming

by Shannon McNally

Twitter: @SMatthewMcNally

The Rose Master

by Valentina Cano

Twitter: @valca85

The Stolen Child

by Markelle Grabo

Twitter: @markellegrabo

The Tears of San'Ferath

by D. Thomas Jerlo (aka Dawné Dominique)

Twitter: @wereauthor

The Two Towers

by Jamie Waters

Twitter: @jawatersbooks

The Umbral Wake

by Martin Kee

Twitter: @fersnerfer


by Wodke Hawkinson

Twitter: @WodkeHawkinson

Truth Insurrected

The Saint Mary Project

by Daniel P. Douglas

Twitter: @danielpdouglas


by Michelle Pickett

Twitter: @Michelle_kp

for one or two covers

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