Monday, November 17, 2014

Kindling Flames: Gathering Tinder by @JulieKWetzel #fantasy #review

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Kindling Flames
Gathering Tinder
The Ancient Fire Series Book 1

Written by Julie Wetzel

Genre(s): Paranormal Fantasy

Fresh from college and with no real work experience, Victoria Westernly considers herself lucky to land the coveted position of personal assistant to Darien Ritter, the CEO and owner of a multibillion-dollar company. His busy schedule and eccentric ways are enough to keep her on her toes. But, all is not what it seems when she discovers the handsome man employing her just happens to be the most powerful vampire in the area.

This is the first book in The Ancient Fire Series. It is part one of two.

Merissa Sheppard's Review

I received this book from The Masquerade Crew in return for a fair and honest review.

This book is about a young woman who gets sent to a firm as a temporary PA to the CEO but is just so much more than that!

Both Darien and Victoria are wonderful characters that you will warm to as you read along. The prologue led me to believe that it would be more on the gruesome side but I'm glad to say that, in this part at least, it doesn't get any worse than that. Seeing the relationship develop between Darien and Victoria was both exceedingly well written and also humorous.

Her reaction to certain aspects of his life and how she deals with it were simply brilliant. The fact that she is not a shrinking violet, knows how to mend a leaking radiator - at least so it can limp along - and still manages to be smart and witty with silk stockings make Victoria an amazing character to read about. Her naivety in some situations simply reflects her status as Innocent.

I was disappointed when this story came to its close - not because it was lacking in any way or just stopped, but because I was enjoying the story and would have happily carried on reading. It leads you nicely into book 2 and will leave you wanting more so long as you don't mind 2 part books then I can highly recommend part 1.

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