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"Fresh perspective about life on Earth" Daimones by @Massim0Marin0 #scifi #review

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Written by Massimo Marino

Genre: Science Fiction

"Nothing prepared us for the last day." 

Could Dan Amenta be the last man alive on the planet? Death has swept away the lives of billions of people, but Dan and his family were spared. By whom, and why?

Surviving, to give meaning to their lives, and looking for other survivors lead Dan to discover the truth about the extermination of the human race.

The encounter with Laura, a young and sexy girl of Italian origin, raises ethical and moral questions that had never touched the Amentas family before.

Other survivors force Dan to confront his past to find answers to the many questions.

The past and the present come together and upset the fragile balance, physical and mental, which allowed the Amentas to find a new meaning to their existence.

Dan discovers his final role in a plan with million years roots. Planet Earth is in the hands of an ancient power, and the survivors have to choose a future that has no past, or remain in a past with no future.


"Even with the best of intentions, cruelty is just around the corner."

Pen's Review

How would you feel if you went to sleep one night then awoke to discover you and your family were the only survivors in a now-silent world?

That's exactly what happens to Dan, his wife, Mary and their daughter, Annah.

They live in Switzerland but quickly realize that whatever happened struck globally: via the Internet they discover no one else is alive as far as they can tell.

What follows after this initial discovery is the kicking-in of survival instincts: gathering provisions from local stores and malls while searching, via Facebook ads, for any other survivors.

About halfway through the book, you begin to get an inkling of what really happened. Even so, it doesn't prepare you for what actually happened.

I liked that about this book. Despite typos and overusage of exclamation points, the creativity and imagination of Mr. Marino is enough to outweigh all that. I also enjoy the unexpectedness of it. Though I thought the book was going in one direction, it ended up in an entirely different place.

However, this book is not for the narrow-minded. Those whose belief systems are carved in stone won't appreciate the alternative explanation for life on earth as we know it supplied by Mr. Marino.

I, on the other hand, love discovering fresh and new approaches to that conundrum; they sometimes ring more true than the centuries-old dogma pervading this world.

Much of the explanation found in this book does ring true: much of it, but not all of it. Still it is a very unique and interesting perspective that may ring true for those open-minded enough to seek those alternative explanations.

If you're seeking a fresh perspective about life on Earth, its beginnings and its future, this is definitely one book you want to read.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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