Thursday, November 13, 2014

2 things that make a blogger look stupid.

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OK, a couple of things that irritate me when I see bloggers do it.

First, how does a blogger forget to put a title to their post?

True, it's a fairly rare occurrence ... but often enough that I notice it and remember. So, please, remember to put a title to your posts. It makes sharing them easier. In fact, I won't even bother with a post that doesn't have a title. Not worth my time to give you one in my tweets.

Second, putting your title in ALL-CAPS makes you look like an imbecile.

ALL-CAPS can be used for emphasis, and if done in moderation, this effect is very good. Sometimes I use ALL-CAPS for book titles, especially if the title is short. If the title is long, I usually don't put it in ALL-CAPS. The length alone will make the title stand out.

When ALL-CAPS is used all the time—for an entire blog title, for instance—it is as if you are screaming to people who see it. Putting your blog in a bad light can't be what you are after, so STOP IT!

When do you shake your head at a blogger? #facepalm

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