Monday, September 29, 2014

"Act of defiance endangers everyone" The Rebel Within by @LanceErlick #dystopia

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The Rebel Within

Rebels Book 1

Written by Lance Erlick

Genre: Sci-Fi, Dystopia


Sixteen-year-old Annabelle Scott lives under the iron rule of a female-dominated government that forces males to fight to the death to train the military elite. When she is pressed into service as a mechanized warrior to capture escaped boys, Annabelle stays true to herself by helping some of them elude the authorities. This act of defiance endangers everyone she loves and rockets her to a place of impossible life and death decisions.

An excerpt from

The Rebel Within

Author Bio

Lance Erlick

Lance Erlick writes science fiction, dystopian and young adult stories and likes to explore the future implications of social and technological trends. He is the author of The Rebel Within, The Rebel Trap, and Rebels Divided, three books in the Rebel series. In those stories, he flips traditional exploitation to explore the effects of a world that discriminates against males and the consequences of following conscience for those coming of age. He is also the author of two unrelated short stories: Maiden Voyage and Watching You.

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