Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Discover 10 books (chance to win 1 of 5) in our Fantasy, Thriller Scavenger Hunt.

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Fantasy & Thriller
Scavenger Hunt 

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However, all of these synopses are just a snippet. 
Check out the full synopsis by clicking on a book cover. 
It will take you to

Marked at sixteen and destined for honor — 
but will they survive?

Before a Kingdom can fall, 
its people must first be, Overthrown.

There are lies in the fabric of time, 
only she can unravel.

When the dead start coming back, 
no electricity or running water 
are the least of their concerns.

What do you do when your 
dad's a KKK grand dragon?

Check out all the books featured in Cover Wars/Scavenger Hunt here.

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