Friday, February 8, 2013

Would you like to place your vote for the book of the week?

This site is a mix of many things: book reviews, writer syndication, and book promotions. Book reviews and syndication are done free of charge, so I don't have an obligation to work my butt off to get people to notice them. Besides, they get plenty of attention.

Book promotions are another matter.

A lot of people ignore them since we aren't recommending them as we do with a positive book review (we do negative book reviews as well), and I understand that. An ad is an ad.

However, I've read enough book reviews on Amazon or elsewhere that mentioned how the reviewer found the book, and Twitter or other means of social media are present (albeit in small numbers), that I know book advertising does work.

But I want to hedge my bets (sorry for the cliche).

It would be awesome if people started coming to this site, not just because they stumbled over a tweet, but because they know they will find their next read among our pages. Granted, we feature just about every genre and since I'm paid to do much of it, there's not really a check and balance for quality or personal taste.

I can't speak for the quality so much as I will promote what I get paid to promote, but I can tackle personal taste and perhaps take a swing at quality at the same time.

Among other ideas I have in the back of my mind, I've been trying to put a book club together. One of the features of this book club will be a book of the week. When club members buy the book of the week, they receive rewards points which will later be turned in for prizes, such as free books and gift cards. That's the plan anyway.

Here's where personal taste comes in: book club members will help choose which books will be featured as the book of the week. So, first order of business: if you haven't signed up for the Masquerade Crew Book Club, there's a form below to do just that. I'm using the same form as I used several months ago for the book-recommendation-in-your-email idea, so if you signed up then or later, you do not have to sign up again.

All club members will have a vote for the book of the week, but I will also email club members when their favorite genres are being featured. I haven't completely figured out how this will be done, but rest assured: my goal is NOT to inundate you with emails.

I plan to email club members soon for the first book of the week voting session. Wanna lend a helping hand?

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