Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sci-Fi Review: Dremiks by Cassandra Davis

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Written by Cassandra Davis

Genre: Science Fiction

Book Synopsis

"Dremiks" is a story of adventure and intrigue set on humanity's first inter-stellar transport. The stated mission for the crew and colonists of the Hudson is to travel across the universe and save the doomed planet of Dremiks. During their seven month journey, though, they learn that human beings have not fundamentally changed--jealousy and greed are still powerfully motivating characteristics.

The characters of "Dremiks" are surrounded by shifting loyalties, saboteurs, deceitful aliens, and all of the dangers of space travel. Friendships evolve, relationships unravel, and there's still a planet to be saved. This is the space-opera that will suck you in and keep you up late at night.

Mark Wood's Rating

Mark Wood's Review

Dremiks is the name of an alien planet on the edges of the known universe and it is in trouble. Its inhabitants need us to mine a very important element that will help halt the planets destruction and in return, they will help us establish a colony there. And so, a new spaceship, fitted with Dremiks technology, heads out to the distant stars.

Dremiks is your classic, average space-opera with much of the action set in deep space as the crew and colonists deal with unplanned pregnancy, failing ships systems and a possible saboteur in their midst.

My problems with this was that I didn't feel like the characters were properly denounced meaning I often struggled to recall who was who and the whole thing just felt a bit like so much other sci-fi I had read before but done much better!

Overall, I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. It took a while to really get going and there was a lot of technical description which reminded me of everything I hated about Star Trek!

I wouldn't say it was awful, just okay but I didn't really enjoy it or get much out of it I am afraid!

Review Disclaimer: The book was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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