Monday, October 15, 2012

Publish Your Screenplay on Kindle by @londontracy44 — Get it for Zero Dinero on October 18th


Publish Your Screenplay on Kindle

Written by London Tracy

Synopsis: With more and more screenwriters attempting to beat the odds with their breakthrough screenplays and competition being at an all-time high, there is a dynamic need for more creative and lucrative ways to penetrate an almost impossible and tough business.

Enter "Publish Your Screenplay on Kindle."

This insightful book offers advice on how screenwriters can step out of the box of standard-procedure query letters and the "we don't accept unsolicited scripts" abyss, and make a name for themselves by publishing their work on Kindle.

"Publish Your Screenplay on Kindle" is for talented screenwriters who truly believe in their vision and voice and refuse to allow their works-of-art to die inside their computers, while waiting for Hollywood to come knocking.


In this day and age, screenwriting hopefuls are eager for different paths, which will allow them to be recognized for their hard work and talent and maybe even be discovered. And earning a little money doesn’t hurt either. With a limited number of movies produced every year, the majority of these screenwriters will probably never be discovered and are totally at the mercy of the Hollywood system, waiting for their big break. Not everyone is lucky enough to obtain a movie deal or sell a script, but Every Screenwriter can be published on Kindle.

Get it free on October 18th via Amazon

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