Saturday, October 13, 2012

If you manually share via Triberr ...


Being in 28 tribes and having more than 800 tribemates in all, I do a lot of manual sharing via Triberr. So much in fact that I use Buffer to spread out tweets so that my manual tweets aren't bunched all together, even though sometimes they still are.

No one seems to be complaining, though. In fact, almost all of my traffic comes from Triberr. If they went down for good, I would have to look for another job.


This is important if you share manually. I'm not sure what's wrong, but when I manually share, I have to pay attention to the headline that I'm sharing. Some characters mess us the Twitter API, erasing the rest of the tweet.

That's why you may occasionally see a tweet with no headline, just a link and the VIA. That's because the tweet was started with one of the following characters.


(long dash; short one seems fine I think)


(ellipsis, not just 3 periods in a row)



If any of those characters appear in the headline, the rest of the headline will be cut off. This doesn't happen if you schedule the tweet via Triberr by clicking the Approve button.

Just a heads up.

What tips do you have for Triberr success?

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