Thursday, June 21, 2012

Which features of our site do you really like?

I'm constantly trying to improve the site. Mostly this has meant adding new features, and I've added a lot of features in the past few months. And I want to add more, do more. I need some feedback, though.

Regular Feature Survey

Do you like our regular features? If so, let us know. If there's a feature listed below that you couldn't care less about, don't check mark it ... obviously. However, if there's a feature that you think we could improve upon, don't check that one either.

For the features that get a lot of votes, I may do more of them if I can. For those that lag in votes, I may try a redesign or a restructuring somehow.

An example of Amazon Shout Outs: Like and Tag 3 books for the younger crowd.

An example of Book Trailers: Blue Sky Days by @SweetMarie83

An example of Featured Followers: #Follow @HeavenOShey — writer of hot and sensual poetry.

An example of Wordless Wednesday: Pledge to Read (Not Quite Wordless Wednesday).

An example of Book Excerpts: The Between by @lisajanicecohen

An example of Book Reviews: "This is a fabulous read. It has all the ear marks of a blockbuster."

An example of Retweet Worthy Tweets: Retweet Worthy Tweets # 2 — Don't miss the writing tips at the bottom.

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