Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"This is a fabulous read. It has all the ear marks of a blockbuster."

Saving Mary—The Possession

Written by Deidre Haverlock

Genre: Paranormal Non-Fiction, Autobiography

Book Synopsis

If you’re a fan of supernatural fiction then you will be captivated by this true story about a spiritually sensitive girl and the path that led to her possession. Part one of a two-part series, Saving Mary is the story of a modern-day Mary Magdalene—the woman from whom Jesus cast out seven demons.

Sharon's Rating

Sharon's Review

This novel would be spellbinding even if it was a Science Fiction novel, but it's not fiction. It's a true account of author Deirdre (Daily) Havrelock's life, which makes it truly amazing. She saw ghosts, was followed by invisible entities, and felt things psychically that most people couldn't even fathom, let alone deal with. I'm sure that there's a lot more than she's willing or able to tell us, but as it is, the way she was treated growing up was horrific. No wonder she often prayed that she could just be normal, and be like every other kid she knew.

The thing is, she didn't feel like every other kid. She felt like a bag of dirty laundry in comparison to the others. She felt inferior because she was a child of mixed nationalities. Her Father is Irish, and her mother is Cree Indian. She was further traumatized by an alcoholic father who drank away whatever money came into the house. She and her brother sometimes went without lunch at school. He was a loving parent, but often absent when she needed him most. At Six years old she was sexually pawed by a male relative, which made her feel worse about herself.

She was psychically sensitive, so she could feel invisible entities following her around her whole life. They were like eyes in the corners, watching her wherever she went. I can't imagine how creepy that must have been for her as a child. When she was in high school, she became involved with a Transcendental Meditation group. Those sessions helped her get in touch with the psychic energy surrounding her. Unfortunately, two evil energies entered her during one of the sessions. They warred against each other for possession of her body. She was kicked out of the group for allowing evil into the room. There were more possessions after that, which the book goes into frightening detail about.

This story was riveting. I couldn't put it down. The beginning chapters dealt with her as a child so she wrote as a child would. She dropped the letter g off the ends of words, used slang and colloquialisms to give me the impression that the child herself was speaking to me from the pages. As she became older in the book, the language became more sophisticated, more adult. It was like I was reading her diary, hearing her voice as she grew up. I felt deep empathy for her, and what she went through. This is a fabulous read. It has all the ear marks of a blockbuster. I would highly recommend it. Unfortunately I haven't read the whole story yet. The sequel, Saving Mary – Deliverance isn't out yet. I can't wait.

Disclaimer: The mature content is not graphic, but is disturbing enough to require parental guidance for those over 13. Under 13, a child would not understand the adult situations.

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