Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My query process could become an action movie

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*run, duck, roll, flip, dodge*

Shields up Captain!

Scotty get me the hell out of here!

Oh, sorry, where was I? Oh right, I was about to completely enlighten your life on the latest adventures in querying.

Well, my friends and family and complete strangers who happen to stumble upon my insane ramblings, the No's are piling in. Each one is like a shooting arrow aimed for my heart, or ass, depending on the timing of my duck and rolling.

I've changed up my query letter 4 times now. I've done an artistic version, a query from my character on my behalf (hey I thought that one was really clever), I've done business woman extraordinaire and straight to the point here it is on the table for you. Nothing seems to be penetrating the defenses of any Literary Agent's walls.

Most of them say be unique, stand out so we remember you, make us take notice! I do and you still shoot me down. WTF? I read everyone's submission guidelines and try to follow them to a T. Some like quirky make me take notice, others seem to want business professional only, etc. I don't send out copy cat letters, I take the time to make each one fit the requested guidelines. I've done the research, I've taken the time and yet the rejection flows like lava from an exploding volcano.

I know, I know. I'm not the only one who this happens to. In fact those that it doesn't happen to are few and far between. Still doesn't make me feel any better or bring me closer to being able to quit my day job so I can write full time.

Tis ok, chin up Rocky, we'll keep at it. I have my gloves on and am prepared to fight for my dream. Even if I end up just self-pubbing on Amazon, if the publishing world doesn't want me, maybe someday readers will.

Ok who wants to dive into a tub of ice cream with me and help me drown my sorrows?

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