Thursday, June 21, 2012

"I'm very googleable," Brian Henke said.

And indeed he is. Check this out.

A meeting on the plains

I met Brian at my day job (though it's at night). I work at a hotel, and Brian was staying there on his way through Kansas. He was heading out to his car to bring in his one-of-a-kind guitar, a double neck harp guitar.

This started a conversation. I told him about another music group that uses a double neck guitar in their ensemble. (I'll blog about them another time.)

On another visit to the lobby, he handed me a copy of his latest CD, Seven Magic Spells. The least I can do is spread word about him (hence this post).

Inspiration for a new feature

Speaking to Brian, and especially after he gave me a copy of his latest CD, got me to thinking about new features for the blog.

I've wanted to get into video blogging, but right now I don't have the time or even the resources. Hopefully soon I'll be able to bring you video updates, but in the meantime, I still have options.

The above video, a Google Search Stories video about Brian Henke, was my first foray into video blogging. I've already done another one about the crew, which I'll blog about soon. Expect to see more soon.

Back to Brian Henke

Going back to Brian for a moment: meeting him gave me another idea for a new feature.

What music do you listen to while you write or edit?


What music inspires your writing?

I would be happy to promote them, and who knows: this may be a new thing for the crew, another way to expand beyond book reviews.

More Brian Henke

Find him on Facebook: HERE.

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