Friday, June 15, 2012

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In her own words:

Born and raised on the bayous that I write about, I have intimate knowledge of the area, people, customs, language, and folklore.

A single mom of two grown kids, living in a small town in Louisiana.

I have a passionate and sensual spirit, which I pour into my books when I create my own little worlds. In my titles you will be transported to little bayou towns filled with suspense, action, drama, lots of hot sex, dominant men who protect their women, and women whose passions are released by these masterful men.

In my short period of writer's block, hot and sensual poetry entered my thoughts. These are now in book form.

When taking a break from my writing, you can find me channeling my creative juices into making luxury skin products, jewelry, and painting.

A Sampling of Her Blog

Trust Us, Excerpt

Clay punched the number sequence unlocking the door, and he and Blade entered and closed the door quietly behind them. A sliver of light shown from the control room jarred door as they crept towards the opening. Smiling when they saw her staring the monitors. Clay gave the hand signal for Blade to take the left side while he went to the right. Making their way to her, they put each a hand on her shoulders at the same time. Startled she swung around with her fist balled, and would have landed squarely on Clay’s jaw if he hadn’t caught her hand in his.

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Thursday Thoughts ~ Have Hope

When life gets us down we must have hope.

Like the Flowers
by Shey

Morning starts a cold dreary day
Snow falling from gray skies

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Thursday Thoughts ~ Oops I Hit My Widdle Head

When looking in the deep in the refrigerator, and the phone rings, do not raise your head suddenly forgetting where you are. It can be surprising painful when your head whacks the top of the refrigerator’s interior.

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