Sunday, June 24, 2012

Excerpt: Imbroglio by @AlanaEWoods

Title: Imbroglio

Author: Alana Woods
Website: Click HERE.
Twitter: @AlanaEWoods
Amazon Author Page: Click HERE.

Synopsis: What drives a person to extreme actions? Actions that others, if they knew, would have difficulty understanding.

What's in Noel Valentine's past that impels her to save a stranger's life knowing that it could endanger hers?

In hot tropical Australia Noel pulls one man from a burning car but is unable to save his passenger. When the stranger she saved shows up back in her home town of Sydney and asks for a place to stay, why does Noel agree? Especially given he could have been an assassin hired to kill his passenger. Especially given that she's pitching to win as a client the medical technology company that seems to be central to whatever is going on. A company that both assassin and victim had connections with. A company with questionable markets and equally questionable front men.

Imbroglio is an understatement for the mess she very quickly finds herself in.


Something grazed her leg. It took a long moment for the fact to register because she was almost comatose.

Blinking in the sun she turned instinctively away from its blinding light. Where she was came next. Then why she was there.

Something had grazed her leg.

She came fully alert, her heart suffocating in its small confines.

She grabbed for her feet and wilted with relief that they were both still attached. She ducked her face. No blood. No marks.

Needing air almost immediately she whipped her head up and, whimpering, craned around for the signs. Nothing. Panicking she ducked under again and twisted, waiting to see it, waiting for the connection, anticipating the pain, dreading the death.

Please no, she kept praying, please no, not like that.

Waiting for it her fear turned to dutch courage and she forced her fingers wide, making claws of her hands. Come on, she screamed in her mind, I dare you. I’ll bloody well gouge your eyes out before you get me. Where are you? Come on. But no predator answered the challenge. Whatever it was that had brushed past, it had not been interested. She was alone. The birds had left. No ships were steaming to her rescue. And the sharks weren’t hungry.

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