Friday, June 29, 2012

Donate a Book Sweepstakes: Lesson in a Facebook App

The Donate a Book Sweepstakes
ends 08/31/12 or
when 1,000 books are sold.
The following is syndicated from the blog New Author Publishing and is reposted here with permission.

As part of a promotion from, I am using a 14 day trial app to promote a sweepstakes on my Facebook Fan page. It is a relatively simple promotion which is two part: gain buyers for my book, “Be Still,” and donate a book to the high school library of the winner’s choice.

Simple enough, right?

All a person has to do is visit my Facebook Fan Page at, then click the button marked sweepstakes which looks like this:

Click the link and you will be prompted to “Like” my fan page then asked to fill out a simple contact form: name, email, U.S. high school library of choice, and have you read the rules. The contact form is used strictly to notify a person that he/she has won and will not be used for any other reasons or sold, ever.

For each 100 of my books, “Be Still,” by Tania L Ramos (yes, there are books with this title by other authors so I have to be very specific) are purchased either in softcover or hardcover or a combination of both through only, one winner will be selected from those who have entered and a, “Be Still,” book will be donated to their U.S. high school of choice. I will donate up to ten books or end on 08/31/12, whichever comes first. At this time I can not track a Kindle purchase, so Kindle purchases will not qualify toward sales, unless a time comes that I can track sales in a timely and accurate manner. See the rules for official details.

This sweepstakes is part of a promotion to sell books and to see how effective a Facebook Sweepstakes app is. I will not judge this app based solely by direct sales, but also by how many shares were sent out and how many entries are received. I do this in order to write an educated review on the use and purchase of this app technology which will either be posted in July or December for my readers to view. I have tried several applications and several websites to gain recognition for my book, but this is the first Facebook app I am testing.

Please feel free to share this page. You may participate in the sweepstakes even if you live outside of the United States, by either stating a U.S. high school or having one chosen for you by proxy of a second name selected who has named a U.S. high school, at which point both parties will be named as donors. Good luck. Spread the news. And donate a book to a high school.

About the author

Hello world, my name is Tania L Ramos and I’m an aspiring writer, which doesn’t pay the bills, and I’m a registered nurse, which does pay the bills. I’ve been writing since Ms. Ruben’s creative writing class in nineth grade over twenty years ago. Once I was exposed, I fell in love. My lifelong dream was always to be a writer, but I figured it was the same as saying, “I’m ging to be a movie star when i grow up.” I put my dream on the backburner and went to my second choice, medicine, well the medical field. I was an EMT-B for almost a decade in Los Angeles, then went on the get my nursing license in San Bernardino County.

Find her on Twitter: @tanialramos
Website for the novel Be Still: HERE

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