Saturday, June 16, 2012

Can vamps be revamped? 12 ideas!

Vampires have flooded the publishing marketing. Scratch that! They have flooded media of all kinds. The question is, are all vampire stories already told? I think a spin or two could still sell, if the timing is right. What do you think of the following?

These are my own brainstorming creations. I don't know if they already exist in some form as I do not read vampire literature much. You are more than welcome to usurp any of these ideas as I am quite certain that I will not write these myself.

The Modern Vampire Series

  • Book 1: After synthetic blood is invented, vampires begin to mingle with humans, which soon leads to slavery of the vampire.
  • Book 2: Vampire Emancipation
  • Book 3: Vampire Civil Rights
  • Book 4: The First Vampire President

Planet of the Vamp

A scientist discovers a gateway to a parallel world where he meets the Vamp, a creature whose ancestors drank the blood of humans but has evolved into something else entirely.

The Alien-Vampire Alliance

Aliens invade Earth and team up with vampires to enslave the human race.

The New World of the Vampire

Alternative History: Early in mankind's history, vampires are forced to migrate to the Americas (similar to the American Indian of our history). Many years later when Europeans discover the New World, vampires rediscover their taste for human blood.

Fresh Blood

Alternative History, version 2: Instead of migrating to the Americas, vampires move south to the jungle of the Congo where they live off the tribes of Africa. When Europeans arrive on the shores of the Atlantic to find slaves, vampires find a fresh source for human blood.

The Last Vampire

Unable to turn humans, the last vampire struggles to survive. To compound matters, to cure the vampire would mean the cure to all human disease (but of course a reintroduction of the blood-sucking killers).

Vampire Homeworld

A space convoy of vampires search for their homeworld, their origins. (Yes, a spoof of Battlestar Galatica)

Robin Hood: Vampire Hunter

Not exactly original, but come on! You know you would read a story about Robin Hood and his Merry Men going after vampires, namely Prince John, the sheriff of Nottingham, and Sir Guy of Gisbourne.

Harry Potter Meets Count Voldemort

Does this really need a description?

Disclaimer: Names would probably need to be changed due to copyright.

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